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the Happy Hormone Gut Gals

Holistic Health 
Functional Nutrition

Experts in Gut Health, Hormone Balancing, and Chronic Symptoms


We are so glad you are here!  We are functional nutritionists committed to finding the root cause of your health issues so you can feel yourself again.  How?  By focusing on improving gut health and balancing hormones.

Just like you, we know what it is like to be tired of being sick and not feeling heard.  We went through our own healing journeys and want you to know that IT IS POSSIBLE to heal.  It was these journeys that led us to embark on a mission to make this world a healthier place using food as a foundation for healing.  

We believe in the power of real food, community, being authentic and always learning to bring the best of us to the world.

We want YOU to be part of our village, get healthy, and enjoy your life.  If you are tired of feeling tired and need real answers, you are in the right place.



Our team of Functional Nutritionists are dedicated to helping as many people with chronic health issues as possible.  We use a video conference TeleHealth platform called Healthie, so that we can work with you anywhere is the US.  Lab Tests are sent directly to you and blood draws are done by a local draw center.

Blood Sugar Dysregulation - Migraines - Autoimmune - Digestion - Hormone Imbalances - Weight Loss Resistance

Science-based Nutrition

A Happier, Healthier You

Personalized Healing Strategies

Professional Supplements

Functional Lab Testing

Testing not Guessing

Fresh Produce
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