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Musli Mix

About Us

Like many of you, we struggled with health issues for years.  We saw doctor after doctor and were told it was all in our heads.  We were sent to separate specialists, were diagnosed, and then not given a treatment, or were given medications to relieve the symptoms but only to get new symptoms from the medications.  

We spent years trying to find solutions, knowing that the symptoms were somehow related, but not being able to get anyone to look at everything together, holistically.  We wasted years thinking these symptoms were just something we had to deal with in life.

We felt alone.  We started to question ourselves.  Started wondering whether our symptoms were actually real.  Was it all in our head as the doctor's suggested?  We were frustrated with seemingly no solutions.  

Then it all changed.

Little by little, we found help outside the conventional medical model.  In fact, we found a tribe of others with the same symptoms. We found nutritional therapists, functional nutritionists, and naturopathic doctors that were the guiding lights to gaining back our health!  

  • Thyroid autoimmune was put into remission, after being told there was no cure.

  • Decades of chronic migraines, chronic constipation, cramps, gas and diarrhea were gone!  

  • Anxiety, depression and mood swings seemed to disappear within months.

  • The "perimenopausal" symptoms like night sweats and hot flashes lessened.

  • A PCOS diagnosis didn't prevent a pregnancy (we love you Brody and Conway!).

  • Fatigue didn't prevent us from living life anymore!

​​​​The healing started with food.  

We found that just by changing our diets we could get rid of most of the chronic symptoms.  By taking out the inflammatory processed foods and adding in nutrient-dense foods, our bodies started healing themselves!

Then, we started digging deeper with functional testing and learning about:

  • how taking care of your adrenals is essential for getting your energy back and reducing menopausal symptoms;

  • how a healthy gut microbiome factors into everything from absorbing nutrients to having a functioning immune system to creating happy hormones like serotonin; and

  • how healing your gut can put autoimmune conditions in remission.

Our dream

We want be the guiding light for you that we had ourselves.  We want to listen to you and empower you.  We want to bring you the knowledge we have of looking at chronic symptoms together, holistically.  We want to provide a place where learning about successes and challenges are just part of the process.  We want to provide you real answers using cutting-edge diagnostic lab testing and healing protocols that are grounded in empirical science and clinical successes.  We want to help you heal, so you can thrive.

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