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Our Key Services

At Idaho Functional Health Alliance, our Functional Nutritionists work with you to customize a restorative program that is based on your extensive health history, your goals and the results from cutting-edge functional lab tests that help us identify and address dysfunction, the underlying cause of disease.  Contact us to find out more.

***Please note, we currently are not adding new clients into our practice but have a waitlist and will respond by email with availability.***

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In The Lab
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Nutritional Assessment

We use a detailed assessment tool that gives us a great framework to track progress toward reducing symptoms.  The Symptom Burden Graph allows us to visually see where imbalances are in your bodies foundational systems, giving us a way to prioritize and plan forward.

Functional Lab Testing

We understand that everyone is unique. We know that one symptom has many different causes and, likewise, one cause may result in many different symptoms. To get at the root cause, we gather information using a variety of different state-of-the-art lab tests.

Restorative Plan

We use professional supplements paired with diet and lifestyle modifications to help bring the body back into balance, giving you immediate relief while working to prevent and reverse chronic symptoms.

Our Packages

We know it's hard to make lifestyle changes, so we work with new clients using packages that set you up for success! 

Our basic model is to:

  1. Evaluate and assess,

  2. then Make a Plan,

  3. and finally be there to Help You Implement it!

We believe everyone is an individual and a care program should be tailored to your individual needs.  With this in mind, we put together  focused packages to support the majority of healing and restoration protocols, being able offer a discount off of individual prices, and providing you with a monthly payment option.  Depending on your needs, we can add additional check-in support, meal planning, and pantry clean-outs.


All of our packages include a personal nutrition assessment, a plan with lifestyle and nutritional recommendations,  specific protocols to address the imbalances we find, therapeutic tailored supplement recommendations.  Extensive educational material is offered with all of our packages.  Schedule a free consult to discuss.

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